I'm a sucker for these (mostly) colorful artistic interpretations of reality. I've only scanned the line drawing of Mr. Bruce Culver. And the only one I copied myself from the Internet is the Krupp look-alike from the website of the talented illustrator Vincent Bouguignion. The rest I found scattered on the Internet over the last decade. The aim of this sheet is triple: to document them and to credit the maker or the (book)source and to compare the information.

Period artwork

guderian.gif gren-251.gif maybach-engine-cutthrough.gif 251b1_rf_borgward-sales-aid.jpg merkblatt-wasdergrenadier.jpg 251b_lf_signal-ill.jpg

Guderian overlooking a river crossing

The spirit of the grenadiers, Gotschke

Maybach cut through

Borgward sales aid

Title page of "What the grenadier must know...

Epique illustration from "Signal"

Infra red photo traces

251d20_lf_linedraw_falke_shippinglabel.gif 251d20_int_rf_linedraw_falke.gif 251d20_rf-det-falke-linedraw.gif 251d20_int_linedraw-falke.jpg ir-sight.gif ir-cupola2.jpg ir-cupola3.gif

Close up revealing gun cable guard and railroad shipping label

Electrical installation at the co-drivers seat

gun sight and drivers visor

Dashboard view

Visor details

Visor on the Panther cupola

front view on the Panther cupola

ir-cupola1.jpg ir-periscope.gif ir-power.jpg ir-power-2.jpg ir-sight1.jpg ir-sight2.gif ir-searchlight1.gif

close up visor

Periscope sight

Electrical boxes

switch box

visor detail

Illumination tube


ir-searchlight2.jpg vampire1.jpg vampire2.jpg


Vampire, the infantry unit

Vampire, the infantry unit

Computer animations

251d1_rbt_computer-ill.jpg 251d1_lb_computer-ill.jpg 251d1_lf_computer-ill.jpg 251d1_rf_computer-ill.jpg 251d1_rf_computer-ill.jpg

Clean cut

SdKfz 251 /D /1

The source is:, Mr Takagi
251b1_lf_infort-computer-ill.jpg 251c1_lf_computer-ill.jpg 251c1_lft_computer-ill.jpg 251c1_b_computer-ill.jpg

From a game (which?) a 251 /B /1 with a droopy bumper.

This 251 /C /1 Riveted is said to be from a game, though to me it looks like a small scale model. (who knows?)

These marvelous drawings must have come from a 3D design program.

My guess is Yahoo's Sketchup. A crisp well detailed 251 /C /1. Love to hear who did this huge job!

Ot-810 manual

ot810_ch_manual-com.gif ot810_lb_manual-com.gif ot810_lf_body-manual-com.gif ot810_lf_nose-manual-com.gif ot810_rf_manualdrawing-body.gif ot810_rf_manualdrawing-b-body.jpg ot810_l_manualdrawing-chassis.jpg

The frame. Now who can translate it for me?

Left rear hull construction

Front hull construction.

Nose section

Complete hull with fittings

Someone added the other body versions difference to it

Bare tractor


Fitting the track gives a good view of the entirely different track

Bruce Culver's Magnificent work

251c1riv_int_bruceculver_leftseats.gif 251c1riv_int_bruceculver_rightseats.gif 25101CR_LB_1941-rivited-70.jpg 25101CR_F_1941-rivited-71.jpg

I'm a big fan of this great artist.

These four drawings where first published in Military modelling annual II (published somewhere around 1985)

My copy of it has completely disintegrated.

It's based on the Aberdeen period of the Austin /C /Riv survivor

Book covers

251inaction-squadronsignal.jpg the251-bruceculver.jpg 251d9_lf_ill_action.jpg boek 251-1 ledwoch-012.jpg boek 251-2 ledwoch-215.jpg 251d1_lf_bookcover-ill.jpg

Squadron Signal's 251 in action

the 251 (By Bruce Culver)

I recognized the illustration from a book I've got, but which?

Ledwoch nr 12

Tankpower vol7


Box art

251c2riv_lftop_72th_dragon-boxart.jpg 251d16_lft_35th-dragon-boxart.jpg 251d9l_l_ill-cuttruh-tamiya.jpg 251c7_rf_35th_ill-dragon_boxart-DR6224.jpg

Dragon's 251 /c /2 in 1:72 scale

Dragon's 251 /d /16 in 1:35 scale

Tamiya's 251 /d /9 in 1:35 scale, Box side

Dragon's 251 /c /1/7/10 in 1:35 scale

Interior and parts

251c1h_int_ill_l-silde-heavymg.jpg 251c1_int_ill-box-n-ank.jpg 251c7_int_ill-l-side.jpg 251c8_int_ill-intodoor.jpg 251c9_int_tofront.jpg 251d9h_int_tofront.jpg 251c10_int_ill-l-side.jpg

251 /c /1 heavy MG left side

251 /c /1 with a box and fuel drum. Said to be a /3

251 /c /7 left side

251 /c /8 looking through the doors

251 /c /9 looking front

251 /d /9 high looking front

251 /c /10 left side

251c3_int_ill-radio.jpg 251c6_int_ill_radio.jpg 251c10_int_ill-pak-front.jpg tracklink-ill.jpg panzerbuchse_b_linedraw.jpg

a radio set from a /3 a /6 a /12 or a /18 (with?)

The same set, in action

the 3.7 cm gun from the /10

a track link

2.8 taper bore panzerbuchse

251c1_int_ill_2back.jpg 251c1_int_ill-2front.jpg 251d22D_int_ill.jpg

This magnificent set is from a book (Which?) doors of a 251 /C /1

Dash of a 251 /C /1

Layout of a 251 /D /22

Sd.Kfz.251 /1 /A

251a1_l_ill-30.jpg 251a1_l_ill-41.jpg 251a1_l_ill_10comp-1reg-1pz-france1940-1.jpg 251a1_l_ill-ko1.jpg 251a1_r_ill.jpg

Sd.Kfz.251 /1 /B

251b1_l_ill-17.jpg 251b1_l_ill_1c.jpg 251b1_l_ill-gray.jpg 251b1_l_ill-x2.jpg 251b1_l_ill_desert.jpg sdkfz251_1b+.jpg 251b1_lf-ill-gespenst-div-gray.jpg

251 /B /1

251 /B /1

251 /B /1

251 /B /1

251 /B /1

251 /B /1 nice desert setting, is it computer art?

251 /B /1

251b1_f-b_ill.jpg 251b1w_rf_smoke.jpg

251 /B with Wurfrahmen

Sd.Kfz.251 /1 /C

251c1w_rf_pendrawing.jpg sdkfz251-1c_cutaway.jpg 251c1_rf_24pz_rus_1942.jpg 251c1_r_ill-coveredfender.jpg 251c1_l_ill_afrika.jpg 251c1_l_ill_yellow-bussard.jpg

Nice pen drawing

A magnificent cut-trough, a book cover?

24th panzer Russia 1942

Covered fender


Sd.Kfz.251 /1 /D

251d1_lf-ill-3tone.jpg 251d1_lf-ill-3tone2.jpg 251d1_rf_maartenswarts- ill.jpg 251d1_r_ill-3tone.jpg 251d7_l_ill-1944.jpg 251d1_l_ill-3tone.jpg 251d1_l_ill-szary_kol.jpg

© Maarten Swarts



251d1_l_ill-camobush.jpg 251d1_l_ill-grey-snow.jpg 251d1_l_ill-beige-desert.jpg 251d1_l_ill-yellow.jpg 251d1_r_ir-observer-ill.jpg

Named an observer version.

Sd.Kfz.251 /3 /6 Radio

251b3_rf_ill_3thPz-1942-russia.jpg 251d3_lf_2nd-ss_ill.jpg 251b6_r_draw_2rod-antenea.jpg 251b6_l_21st-pz_africa-1941.jpg 251b6_l_africa_xtra-mark.jpg 251b6_l_b&w_noframe-ill.jpg 251c6_l_gray-makeshift.jpg

251 /B /6 of the 3th panzer 1942 in Russia with a panzerbuchse

251 /D /3 of the 2nd ss panzer

251 /B /6 with SE30, Fu4 and Funk"F"

251 /B /6 21st Panzer Africa

251 /B /6

251 /B /6

251 /B /6 Non standard aerial
251c6_l_tigercamo.jpg 251c6_l_whitewash-on-sand-ill.jpg 251c6_l_ill-grossdeutsch_russia_1943.jpg 251c6_lf_ill-hq_9thpz_1941_russia.JPG 251c6_rf_3th-ss-1944.jpg 251d6_l_ill_whitewash-mud.jpg

251 /C /6

251 /C /6

251 /C /6 Grossdeutschland Russia 1943

251 /C /6 HQ 9th panzer 1941 Russia

251 /C /6 3th ss 1944

251 /D /3 with 232 aerial(?)

Sd.Kfz.251 /7 to /22

251d7_l_ill.jpg 251d7_r_ill.jpg 251c8_l_ill.jpg 251d9_l_ill-withbush.jpg 251c9l_ill.jpg 251d9_l_zebra.jpg 251c10_fbtl_gray.jpg

251 /D /7

251 /D /7

251 /C /8

251 /D /9

251 /C /9

251 /D /6

251 /B /6

251c10_r_1943_north-russia.jpg 251c10riv_l_ill.jpg 251d10_l_snowcamo-ill.jpg 251c16rf_1st-pz_france1943.jpg 251d16_l_ill.jpg 251d20d_l_80cmlight.jpg 251d22_l_camo-nonumber.jpg

251 /C /10 1943 North-Russia

251 /C /10 /Riv

251 /D /10

251 /C /16

251 /D /16

251 /D /20 80 cm Light

251 /D /22

251d22_l_camo.jpg 251d22_l_camo2.jpg 251d22_l_camo-ingras.jpg

251 /D /22

251 /D /22

251 /D /22

251 with Calliope

251d1-calliope_b_ill.jpg 251d1-calliope_l_ill.jpg 251d1-calliope_t_ill.jpg 251d1-calliope_f_ill.jpg

Special vehicles

251d17_rb_linedraw-151.gif 251_rf_line_cargo.jpg 251d1_l_krupp-vincent-bouguignion.jpg

251 /D /17 tracing © Alfred van Netburg

251 /c cargo idea

251 /D look-alike on Krupp chassis. © Vincent Bouguignion

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