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You could call this a fan-site. But only of the vehicle and the people that build it, not the nazi regime. Let that be clear.

I don't believe in owning information, only in sharing it. I've put together all info I have and have found on it. I can assure you, that is a lot of work. I can only estimate, but it's in the 4 to 5 000 hours by now. I think it's worth it. It's my way to keep grip on the facts and data. It's my choice to let you look into my ordering of info. At my own cost, without add's. Be happy with it, help me to info if you can.

It started in 1996 and with 2 electronic moves ended on my own domain. Back than there was hardly any solid info. Nowadays there is so many good books that I considered removing it several times. Updating was getting more and more difficult. I don't want to do webdesign, I want to organize info. And doing that without scripts and programming on windows apple and telephones takes extra effort. 2017 is a new start without frames, making it easier to link to parts. New info wil be added, but it takes time.

If you find anything wrong in rights, ownership, I gladly quote and link to the owners of the material, or will remove material if the owner insists.

The 251 perspective

I always asked myself why. Why has this ugly, coffin shaped box grabbed me. The immense conflict of the 2nd world war, with its high price in human dead and sacrifice is in itself so ugly, that with it all wars should be put in a museum. Why then are we spending time and effort on a war machine?
War is part of our daily life and has always been part of our history. The technique and machines that we use today are almost always direct decedents of products developed for military purposes in history.
Is that an exaggeration?
The first ancestor of all present day road transportation, the 18th century Cugnot tractor, was developed as an alternative for the horses to move artillery. The list of examples is endless. On all products and all techniques military needs have made their impression. I feel that facing that instead of hiding for it helps "keeping the peace" and remembers the sacrifices that were made.

The German army is a controversial subject. It started as a healthy and proud institution. Just as in all nations, a way to keep the neighbors out of your backyard, and defend your homeland. It ended up as somewhat of a thing to be ashamed for. It took one madman only a decade to transform a cheerful helpfully friendly people, into a looting mob led by gangsters and hangmen.
As a technician I am fascinated by the superb engineering achievements of the "Hun armorers" But I always keep in mind what happened with their products and machines. The SdKfz 251 is an archetype. Like the Jeep, Dakota, German (wartime) helmet and others, it stirs the imagination and is instantly recognized. It is an icon.

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