(Field) conversions

88mm KwK 43

Aircraft turreted MG151

Calliope rocket launcher

Cargo (Sd.Kfz. 11/1)

Fire dept. auxilary crane

Laffly look-alike

Renault R35 turret

T34 turret mock-up

Wooden Krupp L2H

Field and test versions and variations

251/88  251/88 with 88mm KwK 43


A project only, but there are photo's of the use of it. The armor is produced by Boehler/Kapfenberg. The overall construction is similar to the 88.
armament: 9 cm PJK

251/105 (officially: 10.5 cm le.F.h. 18/40/1 (Sf) auf 3t Zgkw)

A project, but there are photo's of the use of it. In "Panzer Tracts" (Jentz and Doyle) Pictures are shown. The Museum für Historische Wehrtechnik has 3 more photos, taken by the "batteriechef of the using company". It was claimed on "Missing Links" that this gentleman indicated that all six survived the war and were turned over to the Allies. The armor is cut down to the bottom and extended directly up.
equipment: 10.5 cm le.F.h. 18/40/1

251/mg151  251/MG151/20 Aircraft turreted MG151

251/Calliope  251 / Calliope rocket launcher

251 Cargo  251 Cargo (Sd.Kfz. 11/1)

firedepartment auxilary crane  German Fire dept. auxiliary crane

firedepartment auxilary crane  Laffly 6x6 truck looking like a 251

251/R35  251/R35 Renault R35 turret

251/Rus tower  T34 turret mock-up

251/wood  Wooden Krupp L2H 251


A Russian unit converts a /C in 1943 to take an A-frame on the nose. It is seen changing the engine of a T34. The body is replaced with a canvas one.

(Other) field-modifications

Modifications can be divided in groups:
Extra armor

Extra track links, and sheet-steel. Very common.
Extra gun shield on the rear MG34 seen on a version C during the invasion of Greece.

Extra stowage

The low section of the right fender is closed with a lid on several photos. Most examples on C versions.
On some /A and /B versions an extra stowage bin is seen on the fender.
Strips and rings to strap equipment and/or foliage too.

Improvements / re-enforcements

  • Strip over the front part of both fenders crossing the front armor. C and D versions seen.

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