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Being in service from '39 to '45 and with all weapons, it sees all the developments throughout the war. In the early years it is a symbol of the blitz-war. Luxuriously designed, with many features that are not essential to it. With the development of the war gradually the use of it changes. It has to carry larger and larger guns and burdens, like the German soldier. The design is being rationalized. In every aspect it represents the German fighting men of the moment. With one of the last versions hitler personally interferes, as he did more and more with the whole war itself. The Sd.Kfz. 251 is technical and production-technical one of a kind. Untouched by its shortcomings is the unbelievable achievement of engineering that it stands for.



Turning-circle 11 meters. Wheelbase 277.5 cm. Towing pintle folds down. There is an electric and pneumatic extension near it for trailers. Battery under the co-driver seat.

Front suspension

Rigid axle, non-driven with half elliptic queer spring. 190 x 18 2.5 atmosphere front tires. Steering by Hanomag spindle or ZF Ross "660". Some reports call it "Ackerman steered". In the first production of 1938 several vehicles got larger (7.25-20, 4.5 atmosphere ) wheels, 160 cm apart. No brakes. There are two versions of hubcaps.

Chain suspension

Brakes on the inside drums of the drive sprocket. Perrot, type 440 x 80 working on air pressure and vacuum. Operated by foot-brake. Hand brake works on steering brake. Chain wheels are pressed steel disk overlapping. Chains 165 cm apart. Chain length 180 cm. The left chain is formed by 56 links. The right chain of 55. The road wheels on the left side of the vehicle are 4" farther back. The suspension is by torsion bars connected to the opposite side of the frame.



Ground-clearance 32 cm. Length x width x height (cm) 580(598, D-version) x 210 x 175. Armor, Front 14.5 mm, engine compartment 6 mm, sides and back 8 mm. Fuel tank 160 liter. Ground clearance 32 cm. Total acceptable weight: 9000 kilo, of with 1,500 load.


Top speed 52.5 Km/h. on the road, 10 in the field. Range 300 km on road, 40 liter on 100 km fuel consumption. 150 km in the field, 80 liter on 100 km. Maximum angle of driving 24 degrees. Maximum wading 50 cm. Maximum water depth 200 cm.

Standard external equipment (Version C, 15-8-42)

4 boxes for tools, spare track-links, jack with under-block (in the tool-boxes on the fenders), winch 2 sacks of tools.
On the left fender: Axe (a), Engine-crank (f), Crowbar (d)
left sideright side

On the right fender: Length of steel wire (e), Fire extinguisher (r), Pick-axe (b) 2 shovels (c)

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