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Information about what goes on after the war is scarce. The production of the sWS reportedly goes on for years at the Tatra factory. The post-war vehicles have the huge air cooled 10 liter V8 Tatra diesel. The Czechoslovakian army reportedly uses both wartime and post-war vehicles. Reportedly there is a difference in the cab and the height of the cargo boards in the post war variants. Numbers are not known.

A peculiar photo seems to show a standard sWS, that has an armored bonnet in the back in the unedited version. (Bart Vanderveen's, Olyslager halftrackbook). The edited version (without the armored bonnet) is usually called T809 prototype. It could link to other information: In 1953 an sWS is equipped with a 12 cylinder 140 hp diesel. Two prototype (licence numbers 522436 and 522437),in the period 1954-1956 are developed in Czechoslovakia as new artillery tractor. Named PPT-8 (polopasovy traktor pre 8 tonove privesy, halftrack tractor for 8 tons trailer). The delivery of other Warschaw pact tractors stopped the development. Another concepts to replace the sWS seem to have been a Famo with a Tatra diesel engine.

No survivors are known.

T 809 Specifications

Payload:8 ton
ground presure:0.6 kp/cm2
Tatra specifications sheet (in Czech)

Unedited proto photo Edited photo T809 Alternative T809 Drawing T809 3/4 view Field test Field test Field test
New picture of the vehicle
in the top row 1st
Manual-factory picture The proto with the low headlights Chassis view of the
low headlight proto
Engine PP8 proto 1953
PP8 prototype

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  • www.tatra.infomorava.cz, But gone

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