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May 13 2024. Addition 30.

  • A period picture engine view of the T809.
  • An extra picture of an armoured vehicle, stranded and stripped.
  • An combined picture of an armoured vehicle in Berlin.
  • A 2021 book on support vehicles has 2 new pictures.
  • Five new picturs, a Pak43 in tow, behind a Pz4-88flak, and the cropped version, a wrecked sWS and Pak43, a Pak43 getting ready and a nose in the bush
  • Model pictures to be next. Bare with me.

  • March 17 2024. Addition 29.

    A mail from the Czech Republic with 4 new pictures is the push with an update. (high time...)

  • 3 new illustrations a 4 barrel Flak38 , a 3.7 Flak an Uhu , and a 4 side Flak 4-ling painting instruction.
  • The Münster surviver was photographed in 2021 and 2022 (By whom?) front right, front left, rear, under the bed and front axle.
  • A tracklink in the museum in Loon op Zand (NL)
  • Period pictues and Model pictures to be next. Bare with me.

  • January 14 2019. Addition 28.
  • A group of 144th scale modell of nebel, Flak 4-ling and armoured versions in ready painted white metall comes from CG Dynamix (See the modell's page.

  • The Münster surviver got some extra detail pictures.

  • 2 extra period pictures found: 2 burned out sWS with a 8 or 12 tonner in between , Ready to roll,

  • Oktober 2 2017. Addition 27.
  • A 87th scale modell of the armoured sound version in the modell's page.

  • The 1970's illustration of that modell in the illustrations page.

  • Surviver nr 5 got it's own page.

  • 5 extra period pictures found: a 2nd nebelwerfer , another T809 prototype, artillery pulling softskinned, burning near the Rhine, artillery softskinned, 2 unarmoured flak.

  • January 22 2017. Addition 26.
  • When I started this website, there was so little info that every extra scrap was a welcome gift. With the excelent survivers list of Walter and the magnificent panzer tracts 22-3 a big void was filled.
  • 5 extra period pictures found: a distant picture of the FlaK collection, a postwar Czech artillery project, an sWS pulling big artillery, two sWS in a field test, an secret picture of an sWS,
  • A restoration picture of Nr. 5 (Paula) from the sWS/Maultier Survivers list.
  • Info on the manufacturer code on the tracks
  • Pictures of a magnificently painted Flak sWS from Italy: 1 and 2
  • An impressive cut through Uhu modell.
  • An new "might have been" seen in a 2014 modell show a distance meter.

  • February 11 2015. Addition 25.
  • A fieldtrip with the armoured surviver at Münster.
  • An set of restored trackparts and a wheel from a collector in Belgium added in the parts list in the survivers page.
  • Two period pictures added: a Flak wreck in a Czech town and a armoured sWS with an extra box behind its drivers compartment (found on www.2iemeguerre.com) .

  • June 22 2013. Addition 24.
  • A good reproduction of the manual (and many others!) can be found on WH-Versand.de.

  • An picture of a wheel as an identfy question on a forum and one in the Rokycana museum are now in the parts list in the survivers page.

  • April 8 2013. Addition 23.
  • An addition in the sources page. A french article of Ludovic Fortin in the Tank & Military Vehicles periodical 8-2012 of oct-nov , and a periodical datasheet.
  • Housekeeping on the pictures page. (I'm convinced all know picture besides the Panzertracts book are shown)
  • A new picture in the Softskinned page. (camouflaged sWS passing through town
  • A new picture (a little piece on another picture, in the Nebelwerfer page. (Panzers in the gunsight)

  • March 24 2013. Addition 22.
  • Housekeeping on the pictures page. (crosslinking my own pages and a lot of found pictures)
  • One small addition on the T 809 page.
  • A new picture in the armoured page. (Berlin 1945)
  • 2 new pictures in the flak page. (left side detail) (Sammellager Meppen)

  • This website went online on February 7th 2004.

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