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Without any doubt this remarkable machine would have been further developed if the war would have taken longer. It's radically simplified design would have made a better use of the sparse production capacity.
What would have happend? Chassis and runnung gear where strong enough to mount heavier loads and a heavier engine. With the modells of several versions available creativity unleased a number of nice modell ideas.

What could have been?

  • Artillerie-Zugwagen mit drei Sitzreihen (3 bench guntractor)
  • Kranwagen mit Bilstein 5to-Kran als Bergefahrzeug (recovery vehicle)
  • Aufbau mit Geschlossenem Kasten (Closed boxlike command and ambulance body)
  • Teilgepanzert mit 88mm Pak (88mm anti-tank)
  • Teilgepanzert als Betankungsfahrzeug (Bowser)
  • Vollgepanzert als Feuerleitfahrzeug (armoured Mission controle as for the V2 rocket)
  • Vollgepanzert als Munitionsfahrzeug (armoured ammunition vehicle)
  • Schützenpanzer (Armoured personel carrier)
  • Vollgepanzert als Horchgerät (armoured sound detection vehicle)

  • And than 2 pages of a sixties catalog of Roco 1/87h scale turn up, showing line drawings of several armoured versions. Some never existed, but are anounced as a modell.

    And these modells actually exist see here for the original source.

    And than in 2009 a complete 1:35th scale modell is released...

    The inspiration probably came from things like this. A 1950 Russian radar.

    In the newly opened Army museum in Dresden a radar unit simular to that of the 87th scale Roco-modells is on display next to the "Uhu" infra-red light.

    Several talented and visionary modellers have build a row of possible versions:

    Closed cargo 88 mm gun APC searchlight Bowser Command box Artillery tractor Distance meter

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