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A friend mailed me a picture of an sWS with a special camouflage pattern. Reading the text under it I was amazed. (I am a local from Holland...) the title of the picture put me on the track to Farley Mowat. The picture turned out to be a page of his book "My Farthers Son" (1993) ISBN 0-395-65029-1. Turns out he is not only one of the biggest writers of Canada, he's a war hero! He crossed the frontline in the winter of 1944 and started negotiations with the German commander (Blaskowitz) in the still occupied north part of Holland. The many food drops near the big towns that where the result of his bold action, literally saved numerous Dutch citizens from starvation, (among them my father....). His gathering of German equipment that eventually turned out to be the start of a museum again showed his keen eye for opportunities and values. His book is on my Christmas list! See Wikipedia for the full story on this great man.

This picture is amazing. Allied soldiers in German uniform.... the earliest re-enacters ever...And the sWS has a camouflage that could be the same as the group of Flak vehicles in the Meppen collection yard. Meppen is just over the Dutch eastern border with Germany. If anyone knows a way to contact Mr. Mowat please mail me! I would love to ask him if he remembers anything about more this vehicle, but most of all, thank him! For now I've put this extraordinary picture her as an add for his book.

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