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Comparing the limited supply of pictures it turned out to be that a group that look like the where fotographed for manual's or promotion, probably are. They share a simulair background revealing a factory. (See also the prototypes page.)

In the left picture the area of the vents has been edited to reveal more detail. The vents are the prototype ones. The right picture has been edited back than. The background has been cut out.

Several of these pictures reportedly are in the book "Kriegsgeschichte 12 SS-Panzerdivision" by a Mr. Meyer.

As there are prototypes and production vehicles in thes photo's, that would place these factory pictures on the compound of Büssing-Nag (Berlin-Oberschöneweide) Somewhere 1943 upto december 1944. The factory was first build in 1914-1917. Architect Peter Behrens designs it for the AEG company, to house the NAG (National Automobile Geselschaft = Company). The 1926 build assembly hall of the battery factory remains today on the large complex. (It was used to house the 2007 "Berliner Kunstsalon" ) NAG was well know for it's heavy trucks and was taken over by Büssing. This mostly industrial part of Berlin has been home to many long gone factory. Many buildings stil stand, but I have not been able to check if the buildings in the 1943-44 pictures of the "NAG" factory still stand.

This picture is believed to have been taken on the Tatra factory compound.

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