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About this site

You could call this a fan-site. But only of the vehicle and the people that build it, not the nazi regime. Let that be clear. This machine is the final high of halftrack design and the ultimate rationalised production. Captured examples where put to good use. There is so little known on it that I hope some other facts and or pictures will turn up. And that happens every now and than.

This website is aimed at presenting the information in the most logical form. That's not always possible, but here's the theory behind it: from top to bottom you find the icons for the chassis, the softskinned and the armourd versions. Info that concerns all versions is organised in the chassis section. All weapon carriers are from the info side either armourd or softskinned extra's on those version.
The info below the vehicle icon's speak for themselfs. To produce a minimum overlap of info, (always best if you want to keep maintainance as low as possible) info on a model softskinned sWS wil be accesable from modells and from sofskinned.

I don't believe in owning information, only in sharing it. I've put together everything I have and have found on it. Off some pictures and drawings I don't have the source where they came from. This is not an atempt to simple copy other people's work or violate rights, I gladly quote and link to the owners of the material, or will remove material if the owner insists.

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